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Computer Forensics

Our computer forensic analysis can reveal internet usage, dates and times that the internet was accessed, what websites were visited and what files where downloaded. This information can be documented for use in legal proceedings.

Our forensic specialists can recover data, and accomplish a full analysis even after the computer has been re-formatted and files deleted. Our complete and detailed analysis uses industry-standard methodology, and we supply you with a concise written report when done.

Best of all, since you are dealing with a licensed and bonded private investigator service, we know what it takes to prepare documents for court cases and legal proceedings.

Additionally, our computer forensic specialists and private investigators can:

  •    Determine the best legal and technical strategies

  •     Aid in Depositions

  •     Provide Expert Witness Testimony

  •     Preparation of client witnesses

  •     Offer objective expert testimony

  •     Expose flaws in the opposing counsel’s evidence interpretation

Our licensed Private Investigators (Former NYPD) and our  Forensic Investigators are highly skilled at acquiring and delivering legal evidence. We have the training and experience necessary to analyze and uncover electronic evidence. Our high level of training and legal experience serves to ensure the court admissibility the electronic evidence we recover.

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